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HR Management software is a simple, easy to use and intuitive tool helping employees and management to perform in full potential, boosting the productivity and overall employee satisfaction and also envisions towards building a happier workforce. HRMS takes care of all your HR processes while you take care of your employees. From onboarding and attendance management to time tracking and appraisals, HRMS has got it all covered. The most advanced HR Management software works well for both small and large sized enterprises. With HRMS, you can pick exactly what your business needs and leave behind the rest. Our modules are self-sufficient in managing and solving every major hurdle in HR management path.


Key Features CRM:
How HRMS helps to improve your business?

HRMS ERP Software:

The right HRMS ERP Software can relieve your hardship of attendance, leave, performance management, the hiring process, payroll, and other administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on your core business. 

Employee Data Management:

Human resource executives can quickly look for employee information and take appropriate actions when they have a properly connected HR module. Furthermore, they can easily make changes to employee records as needed.

Attendance & Leave Management:

It allows users to track each employee’s attendance data as well as their working hours. The attendance module computes check-in and check-out times. It helps keep track of task, timesheet and so on. It offers user-friendly portals where employees can apply for leaves, compensatory time off, and other benefits. Managers are notified and reminded of pending leave requests in order to avoid discrepancies. And the calendars are automatically updated.

Timesheet and performance monitoring management:

It allows you to keep track of your employees’ working hours and much more through detailed timesheets. These employee timesheets can be analyzed by project managers to track their availability and performance can be evaluated. To automate payroll processing, timesheets could be directly integrated with the accounting system. Hence the appraisal of an employee can also be managed directly by the organization.

Recruitment & Resignation management:

It helps in the creation of new job positions and it keep track of the hiring process, and the resumes and letters are filtered according to the criteria. Once the hiring process is completed, the job positions are closed and resumed at any time. And in resignation module, employee can fill their details for their resignation/exit and the notice period is automatically calculated based on the date of request and their job position. And it forwarded to the manager, and the request can be approved or denied by the organization.

Conclusion: Thus HRMS ERP software assists the business with their proactive HR activities and reduces the operational complexities in the Human Resource Management Sector.