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ERP For Plastic Manufacturer

About Client

Our client, an ISO 9001:2015 certified, is one of the leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Food-Grade Disposable Packaging Product and has been serving the food service, and Horeca segment with over 1000 food-grade disposables products of exceptionally high standards of hygiene, quality and durability from our in house. Their product portfolio is well suited to offer great value to their clients.

The Challenge

The client’s shop floor operations data had to be measured in real-time, including the machine and labour data. The manufacturing plant managers were accessing the machine and operator data manually. Measuring the overall production efficiency and preventing downtime was challenging. Difficulty to track the man-machine efficiency in real-time. In addition to this, client has faced more problems like, delay in payment follow-ups, difficulty in tracking production history, failure in recording the raw material recycling process, defects in UoM conversion, difficulties in maintaining the HR related issue. All these challenges led to a huge communication gap which in turn hardly affected their entire supply chain. Simply put, the client was looking for an end-to-end ERP solution to improve their overall efficiency and they reached us as we are recognized as a top enterprise digital solution provider in India.

Our Approach

Being one of the best digital solution providers in India, our team of experts visited the plant. Understanding the challenge, we started working on a solution that would help the plant managers to track, monitor and measure the machine performance. The challenge for our Techno functional consultant and  developers was to develop an ERP application that should not only provide managers with real-time data but also enabled them to measure labour efficiency and improve production quality & performance.

Arriving at a one-stop solution to track end to end the material’s journey through the Yard and the site.

Developing a technology solution that is compatible and easier to use in any devices

Evolving business requirements and short timelines

Our Solution

We proposed an Industry 4.0 solution, Odoo ERP, for digitizing the shop floor operations. The application was implemented in the on-premises server to maintain the real-time data. The data was used to improve the maintenance cycles of the machines, which furthered efficiency. The solution also enabled the managers to investigate the labour efficiency and day-to-day machine performance using the dashboard instantly. The smart manufacturing solution for shop floor helped the Manufacturing giant save time and money.


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