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Case Study for construction industry

Company Breif

The construction company is one of the category 1 construction companies. Since 1981, it has become a highly respected construction company that has enjoyed the confidence and loyalty of many new and repeat customers throughout the year. The Company undertook and carried out numerous prestigious projects in and around Tamil Nadu and Kerala and many projects are under construction. The company has expertise and experience in developing, designing, delivering, and maintaining buildings and installations.


The customer was managing a huge volume of materials for each project and tracking the movement of materials from one area to another was challenging.

  1. The process was completed manually, the tracking of the material was cumbersome.
  2. Lack of data accuracy and out-of-date data are two other factors that have contributed to the delay in tracking material in the warehouse and assigning it to projects.
  3. Unable to track the purchase orders.


As a team, we identify the challenges we face every day. Thus, we decided to implement a straightforward solution with Odoo ERP. We have customized modules for various business features with an advanced and easy-to-use interface. When purchasing the material, it is easy to track the material using the Odoo Purchase module.

  1. The system has automated alerts for certain important actions like purchase orders, purchase orders, invoicing, payment, expenses, etc.
  2. PO helps order the materials and helps keep track of the product.
  3. Invoice receipt can also be printed .


  1. 100% Data accuracy
  2. Improved production quality
  3. On-time project delivery
  4. Best resource utilization